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Whitehall 6640 constant white noise/ocean noise

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  • Whitehall 6640 constant white noise/ocean noise

    hello everyone! This is my first post on this forum, I’m pretty new to organs as well. I bought i Whitehall 6640 combo organ the other day and as I turned it on I noticed there was a consistent loud ocean noise. It sounded like waves mixed with white noise and stuff like that. Anyone know the problem or how to fix it? Thanks!

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    Can anybody help?


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      I apologize no one has responded yet. For some reason, I missed your first post.

      For clarification, is this organ a Hammond clone, or is it a synthesizer? I'm thinking member, AndyG (among others) will probably have some information on this organ, and perhaps even repair options.

      Meanwhile, do you have the ability to post a short video or recording of what is happening. You'd be surprised how much that can help.


      P.S. I'll move this thread to the Combo Organ thread where you might get more views (even though it is in the correct thread now).
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        There's no simple answer to your problem. Could be a bad connection, noisy component, or interference from an external source such as a fluorescent music lamp. You're going to need some electronic troubleshooting skills to track this down.

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          Thank u guys for your responses. I can post a video of the problem later. I think it’s just a regular combo organ, it sound more like a farfisa or an acetone than a Hammond. I could be wrong but I’ve been told they are made similar to acetones.