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Vox Super Continental - Super ii with Percussion repair

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  • Vox Super Continental - Super ii with Percussion repair

    Hi all, i'm working on a Super Continental - English version Super 2 with Percussion - the one with the grey top. So far i've repaired dividers on a few tone generator boards, and nearly have everything work except for a few dead tones. I can't seem to find the exact schematics for this model, specifically the Percussion circuit. I've got the 300 and 303J diagrams which are helpful but i'd like to find the correct percussion schematic if anyone has it. Percussion is triggering on 8', 4' and Mixture as expected, but not decaying. I've changed out the 1000uF and 40uF caps so far which were way off. I guess I will have to check components across the board but is there anything obvious that I could quickly check that would cause this issue? Thanks.