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Farfisa combo compact reverb not working

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  • Farfisa combo compact reverb not working

    Hey guys, haven’t posted on awhile but I always appreciate the help and hope everyone is doing well. I just acquired a combo compact in working condition (not the best cosmetic shape) , it needed some cleaning and it was good to go! I noticed the only thing that isn’t working is the reverb. I’ve not had much experience working on farfisas but I’m really wanting to learn more, how would I fix this issue? I noticed that when I hit the reverb tank with my hand there are some small crackles that come through the amp if that means anything at all. What do u guys suggest? Thanks!

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    The last compact I worked on had the same issue, and it was resolved simply by reflowing the solder connections to the tank. Also if I remember correctly the tank is driven by a tube in the amp, try cleaning the tube socket and reseating the tube.
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      In the Farfisa Compact the reverb pan is completely different from reverb boxes that you usually see around.
      It uses two modified turntable piezo cartridges made in Italy by "Lesa" instead of inductors
      The piezo crystal dries out along the years and the reverb stop working.


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        The Lesa W phono cartridge used in the Farfisa Compact is still available from a seller in The Netherlands. https://www.pickupnaalden.com/englis...sp?M=Lesa_6896
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