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Roland VK-1 Organ tone leakage

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  • Roland VK-1 Organ tone leakage

    I have a clean Vk-1 with a couple issues, the first is tones leaking through the switches. when i have the presets selected i hear tones ringing without a key pressed down. i have figured that the 2' drawbar leaks a G#4 tone and the 1' draw bar above at A3. over time of being powered on some other drawbars (16' 8' 2 2/3' and 4') start to also leak the same tones, but are much more faint. but i can tell the 16' is leaking a G#4, and the 4' also leaks a A3. other drawbars are too faint to tell but the tones are in the same range, some might even leak both G# and A i cant tell because its too faint. i have been checking the 4066 switches, the cont is consistently around 32k and the outs are around 16k. i found that switch no. 34 does have 3 leaky outs on the switch, i will try cleaning the contacts, but if that doesnt work do i need to purchase and replace the switch?. the last issue i have is sometimes i get stuck keys always starting with A4, then sometimes the surrounding keys G#4 A#4 and B4
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