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  • Yamaha HX 1

    Hey guys, I see several people on here have HX 1s. Anybody remember what they cost new?


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    Usually sold with a pair of speakers. Different speakers options were available. I believe in general they sold for around 30K.



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      According to the Wiki, in 1987 the HX-1 cost around ¥3,321,000 ... about US$29K converted today.

      Hammond M-102 #21000.
      Leslie 147 #F7453.
      Hammond S-6 #72421


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        I purchased an HX-1 new in the following configuration:
        System 1: HX-1 control module, MKX-5(2 61 note keyboards)PKX-F1(25 note pedalboard)STX-1(stand),BNX-F1(bench)KA-20's(2 amplifiers),
        EP-20(optional 2nd expression pedal)
        The dealer is still in business, I spoke with the salesman who sold it 2 weeks ago. He said he sold several HX-1's while they were a current model
        Below is the original invoice. I still have the instrument, play it often.
        The trade indicated on the invoice was a Yamaha 6000 console. I went to my local bank to borrow the money. $13,910 US in March of 1990.
        For reference, I could have purchased a brand new Chevrolet Caprice 4 door sedan for the same price.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	HX-1 Original Invoice rz.jpg
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        Current inventory.
        Yamaha HX-1, FX-20(2),Hammond Colonnade w/ Leslie 720, Hammond CX-3000
        Kawai XR9000, Technics SX- FN3(2), Technics SX-FA1,Yamaha Tyros 5, PSR 910.


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          Thanks guys. What brought on this question was finding the big black and white glossy photo they gave out at the demo's when
          it first came out. Also have the demo cassette and probably the T shirt somewhere. I had a friend who played one in a fancy bar
          in Cincy. Said he paid 27,000 for it. I thought he was exagerrating .


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            I have a pair of HX1 speakers, thought I could use them with my HS8 or even a thumper for the TV as they are active. What would they be worth? I bought them with 2 HS8s and a pile of accessories. I am in NSW Australia if interested


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              List rrp in Australia was AU$19,995 including two KA-20 speakers.