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Need help with Hammond issue

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  • Need help with Hammond issue

    Hello, I am new to this forum but not new to Hammonds. I have chopped them, rebuilt them, and been playing them for years. However I have something going on that I am not sure how to fix. For some reason one of my organs is having an issue with the bottom draw bar on both drawbar presets on both manuals. This is important to note because that eliminates a lot of possibilities. For some reason the tone on that bottom drawbar is intermittent in several places in the mid to lower end of both manuals. It is inconsistantly cutting in and out. Because it is consistantly doing this in all 4 places (bottom drawbar in both B abd Bb presets both manuals) it leads me to believe it is not bus bars or tone generator wiring. Totally wierd. Does anyone on here have any ideas of what could be causing this??</P>
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    Chris Fischer</P>

    Boulder, CO</P>

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    Re: Need help with Hammond issue

    I figured it out. It was the bus bars. I adjusted the alignment screws on both manuals and it solved the problem. Thanks!</P>

    Chris Fischer
    Boulder, CO</P>


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      Re: Need help with Hammond issue


      Well done Chris. You must have hit the forum at the quiet time of the day.</P>

      I'm supposed to be busy day jobbing, myself. Love that feeling when a Hammond puzzle resolves....</P>

      What's it like Hammonding inthe big band?</P>

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        Re: Need help with Hammond issue

        Hammonding = best verb
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