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1955 RT-3

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  • 1955 RT-3

    I have put up photo's of the RT-3 that followed me Everything on it works perfectly, albeit one note on the pedal solo system is stuck on. I have been going through it all afternoon...I have never been inside one this old...very impressive. This one seems to have been well taken care of...I hated to see the door rash, the previous owner popped a piece of veneer off of theleft side panel, and SAVED the piece, along with the original oiling chart, percussion instructions, and some other Hammond literature...I may have an X-77GT for sale soon.........
    1963 C-3 147 Leslie
    1972 X-77GT 2 - 77P Leslie
    Kurzweil K 2000

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    Re: 1955 RT-3

    I just brought home a RT-3 last weekend and I messed up the finish on the end of the top in the process of moving it through the door. I hated that but it had to get into the house and was a very tight fit. It was of no use to me out on the patio.</p>

    I have a M3 that I was going to sell but decided to donate it to a church a couple of blocks from my house. They could use it and I probably wouldn't be able to get much, if anything, for it anyway. This way at least I can use it as a tax write off and get something out of it.