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Moving my A100 (down stairs!)

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  • Moving my A100 (down stairs!)

    Hey Guys,</p>

     Here's the deal. I'm moving in the next few months and naturally my 1964 A-100 is coming with me. I'll be moving out of a first floor apartment and into a typical 2-story house. I'm almost positive the best place in the new house for my Hammond will be the basement. My issue is, how the hell do I get it down the stairs? It's an older house and the stair way is kinda narrow and has a landing that turns and comtinues down to the basement floor. Besides Roll-or-karies, which I plan on renting for transporting it, does anyone have any tips on moving my big baby? It just seems that moving this down the stairs just by carring it could be a recipe for disaster.</p>


    Alan </p>

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    Re: Moving my A100 (down stairs!)





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      Re: Moving my A100 (down stairs!)


      Greetings fellow Rochesterian! Is there any way that you could keep the organ on the 1st floor? IMHO the moisture and coolness of any basement, especially an older one, is not the best for an organ, especially an older one such as the A100. Also, the less it is moved is obviously the better-even if you had Superman moving it for you, tipping it and carrying it down the stairs is not going to be beneficial. </p>

      If it is within your budget, I would advise hiring professional instrument movers. The folks (Fragile Freight) who delivered my 400lb Allen did a great job, but since they are based in the South, they likely won't do in-town moves.</p>



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        Re: Moving my A100 (down stairs!)

        Heh... this topic is all-too-relevant for me - I just moved an A100 *up* two flights of stairs last weekend. If you cannot in fact leave it at ground level or hire a crew of gorillas to move it for you, you are absolutely on the right track to rent a set of Roll-or-karis. I just can't imagine trying to do it without them.</P>

        My experience last weekend was with trying to do this with just one man on each end. I'm 6 foot, ~200 lbs.; and the other guy was probably 6'2", 230 -- and we nearly killed ourselves! You want to have 4 reasonably strong adults to do the job right, there's no way around it. I suppose you could get away with three, if one of the guys is really big. But what I've found is, you need to try to keep the organ level. So the twoguys on the bottom essentially do a "clean" in weightlifting terms -- i.e., hoist the Roll-or-kari handles up to shoulder level, and just maintain it there. Then the two guys at the top can lift the top end one step at a time. I also once moved an A100 from a church where 3 ofthe larger men from the congregation volunteered to help -- in that case with theroll-or-karis and four strong men,we were actually ableto just carry it down the stairs, like a patient on a gurney (Roll-or-Karis are the bomb!) One last note: conventional wisdom is that 5 guys are too many, because the fifth will just get in the way - haven't tried it myself, but from my experience I believe it's probably correct.</P>

        Here's a useful (and entertaining!) page devoted to the problem:</P>

        Best of luck with it - </P>

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          Re: Moving my A100 (down stairs!)

          [quote user="toasterDude"]

          Here's a useful (and entertaining!) page devoted to the problem:</p>


          That story is very accurate as well as funny. Been there done that. Yes, you can move a B3 (consoles) by yourself if you know what you're doing and are careful. I've moved my Model E (about 450 pounds) out of my truck and into the house by myself but then I've been moving these things for over 35 years up on stages, stairs and all kinds of places. My band members don't complain about helping because they like the sound too (I do get the 'rolled eyes' from a couple of them though). One thing not included in his story is how ramps can really help on inclines.
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