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T524c hammond organ

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  • T524c hammond organ

    Can anyone tell me something about a T524c organ. I can find limited info about T500 series but then only about T100and T200. My questions are: Is it a true Hammmond or a Yama Knock-off. Does it in fact have tone wheels? and does it have built Leslie speakers? Im interested in an organ that can be made to sound similar to the B3 and M3.

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    Re: T524c hammond organ

    The T-500 organs are "real" Hammonds, and are essentially the same as the T-100 and T-200s. They are tone wheel organs, they have mechanical scanner vibrato (similar to the B-3), and they can be made to sound more like the B-3 if you are willing to modify them. The T-500 has built in Leslie of the drum type. </p>

    Given your description, the T-500 sounds like the right organ for you. Undervalued as it is, they can be had for virtually nothing, and this site has many, many mails about how to mod the T-500 - especially from Brendon ;-)</p>