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Deoxit Gold?

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  • Deoxit Gold?

    Hi all,</p>

    I just purchased the deoxit 2-pack from radio shack. It comes with a small bottle of regular deoxit cleaner, as well as a bottle of deoxit gold. Do you all use the deoxit gold in addition to the regular stuff? </p>

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    Re: Deoxit Gold?

    For my Hammonds, I use only Deoxit D5. It has a very subtle, non-corrosive lubricant in it that is perfect for squeaky drawbars, tabs, expression pedal joints, etc, and it wont harm the electronics or leave a residue. Great stuff!
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      My name is Steve and I am an organaholic

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        Re: Deoxit Gold?

        Look at this:</P>

        Click on the link on the left for "Mentor Card Booklet 2010"</P>

        this is the product instructions and description for all of the DeOxit products, it may answer your questions.
        I cannot be sure if the Gold productis beneficial or not to DB contacts...I have heard that these contacts are palladium; I am sure one of the experts can verify this.
        The Gold brochure does indicate that it is good for all non-ferrous and precious metal contacts.</P>

        They are a little fuzzy on which products provide more or less lubrication, however. On this page:
        they indicate that the D100 is used where maximum lubrication and minimum solvent is required. Personally, I use contact grease (100% silicone grease) after treating with the D100...DBars are still smooth and quiet after several years.</P>

        I also have used the CRC contact cleaner, but be sure it is the QD (I think that's the right designation) formulation...our Home Depot has 2 different CRC contact cleaners. One of them is safe on plastic...the other will dissolve some plastic (speaking from experience) so test it first.</P>

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          Re: Deoxit Gold?

          I have seen deoxit at Grangers. You may have to find someone who has an account.</p>