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Simple percussion mods for the Hammond E-1xx series

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  • Simple percussion mods for the Hammond E-1xx series

    Here's my shot at a simple and logical scheme for providing classic 2nd and 3rd (and more...) percussion for the E-1xx series of Hammonds.

    The basic approach takes the stock "voiced" percussion voices that already have 2nd 3rd and 4th harmonics and removes the other harmonics from these tabs, leaving a single harmonic on each one. FAST and SLOW decay is given it's own tab. CHIMES are retained on the BANJO tab (I LIKE chimes.).

    Simple and easy to reverse if you need to. Does not require any mechanical disassembly and all re-wiring is done on the top sections of the tab switches.

    Try it, let me know how it works or if you have any questions.PERCMOD.pdf

    Jerry in Leslie
    Jerry in Leslie, spinning around trying to find my way

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