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  • Video Contributions Wanted

    Please Make Videos for Our Forum Members

    Forum member flatrockmobile has supplied a link to a guitar site http://www.vanderbilly.com/videolist.aspx where many people have contributed video demonstrating particular techniques. The site is most impressive.

    Following a suggestion from our forum administrators I have started two video resource folders in the public gallery where anyone should be able to post videos.

    One folder is for performance videos, where we might show how to play specific songs, or show technical work, etc.

    The second folder is for "Technical, Maintenance and Repair" videos. I think many of the Hammond threads contain interesting information that forum members might video and pass on their skills. (Someone ought to sift through all this stuff and put out a tidy series of booklets, or one monster pdf, or somehow package the knowledge that is struggling to organise itself in the hundreds/thousands of good contributions forum members have made here. But that is another story.)

    So, please video your favourite blues bass line, your funk comp, your technique for testing components "in circuit", your insightful use of the oscilloscope, etc, and pop it in our gallery.


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    A suggestion:

    I frequent a forum related to bass:


    and one of the threads concerns a line of vintage Ampeg vacuum tube amplifiers:


    The thread contains thousands of posts, and a lot of great technical and historical information. Some contributors, and a moderator are in the process of creating a "Wiki" to concentrate the information that is currently spread throughout thousands of posts. Apparently, this takes some time, and knowledge to construct, and I have not seen the results yet. It would be great to have a Hammond/Leslie Wiki that would be a resource of facts, history, technical, and other information.

    Not sure how large of a project this would be.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also, I look forward to seeing the videos. I am not in a position to contribute to this effort.

    Thanks to those who make this happen.


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      There is a HammondWiki:


      Also Benton Electronics is a great site:


      I actually have dozens of web sites saved that has all the information you could ever want.
      A list of links may be the easiest thing to do.

      I tried to download a video, it was way too big. I will see if I can resize and post.
      I do have many videos on my YouTube page:


      In theory, there is no difference between theory and reality.
      In reality, there is.
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        graeme, I am planning to move my A-100 to a renovated church/art studio in the coming weeks. It is my hope that I can get some video of some Hammond playing in an art studio. I have the go ahead, just waiting on the
        construction to be completed. : )
        '60 A-100, Neo Ventilator, Kurzweil PC1x, Yamaha Clavinova, GSI/VB3, Reaper daw, Kontakt 5, 1907 Knabe upright. Formerly owned Rhodes Mark I.


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          Great video Bob. Enjoyed the Tarheel Traveler story.
          1965 Model A-102, "lovingly referred to as Althea" 1967 M-143, 1995 Gibson B. B. King Lucille in Cherry, 1983 Fender Strat in Olympic White faded to a Butterscotch color, 1983 Fender Strat in Siennaburst, 1972 Fender Tele Thinline in Natural, 1980 Epiphone Sheraton (made in Japan), 2000 Fender Custom Shop Buddy Guy Strat, 1951 Gibson GA-20 amp, 1964 Gibson GA-45 RV, 1957 Magnatone 213 amp, 1964 Magnatone M-10 amp.


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            I am proud of being in the same forum as you, Bob. That is a great video with a strong message. Thank you, (and keep fixin' and playin').


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              Great video Bob. Hammonds are very special indeed.