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B3 Low Volume

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  • B3 Low Volume

    Happy New Year!!

    I have assumed for some time that my B3's matching transformer was magnetized and microphonic because it was picking up vibrations and other sounds whenever I tap various parts of the organ. It was actually annoying to play because every tapping noise is amplified through the speaker.

    I checked it today and found out that the cover of the matching transformer was magnetized, but the transformers themselves were not.

    I removed the cover, took it to a separate room, and demagnetized it. When I put it back on, the MT was no longer picking up sounds whenever I tap on the organ. However, the volume dropped significantly.

    Is this somehow related to the MT cover being demagnetized?

    The voltage on the preamp's g-g terminal is normal (i.e. 1.5vac on the Trek SSP-3) but the volume is much lower than before.

    Any thoughts?


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    I wonder whether you have a short in the M/T ie two wires rubbing. Secondly the lid on mine has two sets of holes so could it be on wrongly. Have you checked the grounds are tight on the preset panel. You could have dislodged a wire. Finally is the volume soft switch working?


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      Thanks for your inputs. I checked the ground wires, preset panel, and the MT and still got low volume.

      I removed the Trek II line out box it turns out the wires needed to be replaced. I put in new clip leads and I got the volume back. It now plays great.

      Thanks again, and have a great year ahead!!


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        Nice when its a simple fix. :-)