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Deep Purple songs registration and settings

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  • Deep Purple songs registration and settings

    Hi everybody,

    I've joined a Deep Purple Cover Band so I've searched for different Hammond configurations used by Mr Lord. It's something that could take time to find so instead of reinventing the wheel, we might as well share our experience. Even a setting for a specific solo in a song, effects used or live configurations are welcome. So lets go, I'll start :

    Child In Time
    Intro + Middle part
    Upper 860080008 - C3 - Perc Third Fast - Leslie Stop - reverb
    Lower 646000000

    then gradually as you go along in the verses
    Upper 868888888 - C3 - Perc Off - Leslie Slow/Fast

    guitar solo
    Upper 868888765 - C3 - Perc Off - Leslie Slow

    I've put the
    5'1/3 to 6 which is maybe not the original configuration sound but I find it gives a bit of fullness to the sound. I leave it to 6 when playing full so that I can go back easily to the original configuration.
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    Deep Purple cover band-how cool! I bet you are working hard to keep up with that.


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      Although the last drawbar in first example wont do anything as long percussion is present unless modded. At least as i know it..
      A+A20+PR40+145. Novachord.


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        Thanks, indeed it's hard work. Especially for everything that is arrangements. I've managed to get a sound quite close, I think, based on the last modern numerical Hammond coupled with a Neo Instrument Ventilator II (I don't have a van :->).

        - - - Updated - - -

        @dunderola Indeed, le last drawbar doesn't change anything. I keep it on 8 so that I don't need to manipulate it in live situation. The transition is smoother for me when I only take care of 3 of the last ones. I forgot to mention that.


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          That's way too many harmonics for the CIT intro. I think I use something like 8006 with 2nd fast percussion.



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            To my ear he did mainly "flutes" combinations of the 16' and 8' with the straight white harmonics(db) plus 2perc. Many other settings "on the go" but who cares? Got to be a simple and loud organ, making the guitar player looking ridiculous, the foundation of that very sound. You're fully digital so any "real" setting does not necessarily apply though. I've foud an interesting simple rule, if there a setting that does Smoke on water intro sound as simple and straight as it does, that is the setting! But as said, drawbars and settings do not really matter as all organs deliver differently although that is s good starting point ...



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              @Wes This is interesting. I'll try your configuration

              @blhristov The Hammond SK2 has the same sound engine as the new B3. Backed up with a pair of Yamaha DXR12 plugged in the Ventilator, the Smoke on the Water sounds pretty close and awesome.

              Since we are on the "Beast" sound", here are my settings for most of my songs (Space Trucking, Highway Star, Speed King - no dist for the intro and Leslie slow, Smoke on the water, Strange kind of woman, Black Night, Perfect Strangers). No surprise :

              888833100 - Leslie Stop (Slow for Perfect Strangers of course) - Distortion head on! :P

              For most of my solos :

              888833100 - C3 - Leslie Stop or Slow/Fast depending on the feeling of the solo - Distortion - A 2nd percussion if needed especially in a staccato style solo parts

              Initially, it must be something like 888800000 but in order to emulate less pronounced basses of the Marshall Amp, the extra 331 drawbars do the trick.


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                I believe you.


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                  Speaking of speed king, does someone have a clue of the exact registration? Is it still in 888800000?