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Thanks for Tips on Rebuidling my Vibrato Line Box!

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  • Thanks for Tips on Rebuidling my Vibrato Line Box!

    Hi folks,

    I posted a thread a couple of weeks ago asking for tips on rebuilding the Vibrato Line Box in my Hammond B3. I decided to tackle the job yesterday. Thanks to Roger Memphis, tonye, Sweet Pete, and Wes the job went as smooth as butter. I left the box in place, and clipped the leads of the parts I was replacing as close as possible so I'd have enough left to work with. I went slow, and worked on each end first. Then I replaced the 17 caps in the middle, doing a couple at a time.

    I can't say it was a drastic improvement in sound quality, but the vibrato definitely sounds cleaner and better defined. Plus, now I don't have to worry about the old wax caps deteriorating - and I have the satisfaction of doing the job myself! My B3 is a 1967, so it has the red caps in the tone generator. Yes, it also has the "dreaded foam" - but that hasn't been a problem. My tech (Bill Axman) says he's never seen a foam problem in Southern California, and not to sweat it.

    Thanks again! This forum is the best! I've gotten great help and suggestions with my B3/Leslie's.

    - 1967 Hammond B3 with 122 & 715 Leslies
    - Hammond SK2 with Leslie 3300

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    Thanks, JB -
    It's rewarding to us that we are able to help... even better when we get a follow-up like yours letting us know that the job went well. It's greatly appreciated.
    Roger Memphis
    C-3 with O-M, 145, 122RV, 2 PR-40's, PSR-36
    CV with HR-40, 2 B-40's