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Benefits of Adding a Hammond PR-20 or PR-40 Tone Cabinet?

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  • Benefits of Adding a Hammond PR-20 or PR-40 Tone Cabinet?


    I have a Hammond B3 with a couple of Leslie's hooked up to it (122 and 715). The B3 also has a Trek 2 reverb, and a direct out that I sometimes hook up to a keyboard amp. Sounds great, but I'm wondering if it would be worth it to add a PR-20 or PR-40 Tone Cabinet to my setup? Or am I becoming obsessed with more, more, more sound and should relax and just enjoy it? I've heard that the combination of a Leslie with a Tone Cabinet is a sweet setup, and it provides a little more base. Since I have reverb on the organ, I don't really need the reverb from the tone cabinet. However, spun reverb sometimes sounds a little weird to me, So maybe stationary reverb from the tone cabinet might sound better. Also, what's a reasonable price for a good PR-20 or 40? Seems like the prices on EBay have gotten a little ridiculous. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


    Johnny B.

    - Hammond B3 with Trek2 Reverb, Kruger String Bass, Leslie 122, Leslie 715
    - Hammond SK2, XPK-200L Pedals, Leslie 3300

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    I definitely would add a PR-40 to your Leslie. They complement each other. The PR-40 fills in a lot more at the low end that the Leslie misses and the Leslie fills in better at the high end with the compression driver. I am amazed when I use the MEE switch to go from Leslie to PR-40 and vice versa of the difference in tone. I can’t believe the same signal is going to each tone cabinet. And then when both are on, the tone is nice and “fat”. I also like to have the tone cabinets next to one another where the two act as one big tone cabinet with direct and rotary channels. Be sure to check the phasing of the speakers and flip the G1, G2 leads if they are out of phase. It is very noticeable. You will get cancellation of the bass if they are out of phase. I also have a Trek II reverb. I don’t use the necklace reverb in the PR-40.

    Yes, some of those prices are crazy on EBay. You should be able to get one in the $200-$300 range depending on condition. I paid $275 for mine a few years back.

    Hope this helps,
    John M.


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      Thanks for the input! I'll keep my eye out for a good one on Craigslist.


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        I also have a PR 40 with my C3 and the Leslie 122 and glad I do. Gives me a bit of a bass and some of that warm Hammond sound that was meant to be as per the manufacturer. Its a nice complement. Should be able to pick one up for no more than $300. Got mine for $250 and its in almost perfect condition from 1964. I did have the caps replaced so be prepared for that but no big deal. If you find one, check out the speakers and make sure they are good an not blown or need re coning. I know of a source here in Chicago if needed.