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  • Hammond A100 Leslie Sound Options

    Hello everyone!
    I've been searching this but I'm not sure if I've worded it correctly so I haven't found an answer yet .
    I'm about to buy an A100 for $150 that seems to be in great condition soooo... Is there a way to be able to use a leslie effect pedal with the built in speaker instead of having to buy an actual leslie speaker? I know it wont sound identical but i'd like a similar effect to it. Also my room is kind of small and a leslie would take up too much space.

    P.S. Sorry if i posted in the wrong section... new member here

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    The output from the preamp (AO28) to the main amp (AO39) is a balanced signal. The red & black wire for signal and the brown is ground. The signal is hotter than normal instrument level.

    You have several options.

    Trek II makes an effects loop ELB1a (http://www.tonewheelgeneral.com/buil...item_no=ELB-1A) which will provided a buffered effects send and return. You would need one per manual. Soldering skills are needed to install.

    Another way: Build or buy an output line box. (http://www.tonewheelgeneral.com/buil...?item_no=OBL-2). Run the signal from this into your effects box. However from here it gets a little trickier as you have to recreate a balanced signal to drive the main amp. I haven't tried this, but a small amp driving a CT transformer to generate a balanced output for the main amp should work.

    (Note: My "Wife is home" rig uses a line box to a leslie pedal to a mixer to headphones)

    I'm sure there are other options out there as well.



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      Buy or build the line out box as Jaim described, desolder the wires going to the main speakers and place a stereo amp between them and the effects pedal. They're 8 ohms each and are easily driven by most amps...even a "T" amp will work. You'll also get some (but not much) stereo effect.

      Be sure to pull the tubes from the main amp to disable it while unloaded.

      I use Geo's line out circuit on my A100:

      Connect a 5K resistor to one G terminal. Connect a 1K to that resistors other end to Ground. Connect your output hot wire to the resistor junction and the ground to the organ ground.

      '62 Hammond A100 & '60 Leslie 45 (two speed)
      '55 Hammond M3
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        I'd just hold on to your money until you can find a Leslie 147 or 122 (or 145 or 142). You'll eventually find one for $1000 or a little more.


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          I doubt it lol
          a Hammond B3, C3, or A100 are rare finds in San Diego
          I've only seen another A100 without leslie for $1000
          LA has a bunch but they're in the upper price range too.
          For right now I just want one to transition from keyboard to gospel organ and have actual drawbars to learn and also for home studio use. (I'd probably use a leslie simulator vst meanwhile).