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B3 Expression Pedal Back Plate

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  • B3 Expression Pedal Back Plate

    Hi folks,

    My B3 is missing the back plate on the expression pedal mounting bracket. When I got the organ, the previous organ had rigged up some strange way to control the volume/expression with a cable and had destroyed the original expression pedal. Anyways, I bought a used pedal off of eBay so I could have a working expression pedal on the organ. I knew it wasn't 100% correct because it was from a C3 or A100 and didn't have the back plate, but it works fine.

    I've been looking on eBay for a couple of years, but none of the expression pedals for sale have had the correct plate on the back. I suppose I could make one, or even make a nice custom one out of some pretty wood. But, it would be kind of nice to have the original plate. So, does anyone know where I can get the back plate?


    Johnny B.

    - Hammond B3 with Trek2 Reverb, Kruger String Bass, Leslie 122, Hammond PR-40
    - Korg Kronos II with CPS Spacestation V3