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Hammond J-311?

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  • Hammond J-311?

    Good afternoon folks!

    I have been working on a pretty cool project this winter. My buddy gifted me what I believe is a Hammond J-311 organ! It is a pretty cool little unit and I have been working on it slowly to get it back to life.

    I traced down loads of connections that were bad, and I actually got all the keys working now! I think I need to clean the springs that hit that "contact" bar, or clean some connections better as some of the keys have a bit of static to them occasiainly.

    Anyway - I was hoping that you guys might have the schematic for this unit somewhere. I searched the best I could on this forum and the web but could not find it. I will try to include a picture here, first time posting and not sure if this is the best way to link a picture or not.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    You posted the picture just fine! And you have a J300 series organ, the 11 part refers to the cabinet styling and the wood finish. So it's a sort of mid-term J, should have coloured switches and a built in Leslie speaker unit.

    There is a specific section on the forum for requesting schematics, scroll down the main page a bit and you'll find it.
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      Thanks man!

      Yeah - I was putzing around after I posted this to just see what else was out there. Funny thing was I just never searched for keyword Schematic. I am sure I would have found that section if I had :)


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        There is the complete J-series manual for sale right now on Ebay under Organs, Parts and accessories for 19.95
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