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Hammonmd Aurora 8022KM Tone / Key click (probably Cougar 7100 too)

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  • Hammonmd Aurora 8022KM Tone / Key click (probably Cougar 7100 too)

    So, I bought a Hammond Aurora 8022KM organ for £10 a while back and was unable to find any way to "un-dull" the tone online. So I acquired a manual for the Hammond Cougar 7100, which is almost identical to the 8022KM internally.

    Through this I discovered a capacitor on the power amp board (C10) which was for "high frequency stabilization". As far as I could tell this was the closest I could find to a high pass filter. So I disconnected it. Standard disclaimer - if you do this and the organ is ruined it is your fault, not mine. That said the sound was much improved, more punchy across the full range. I was not really expecting any key click since the key's contacts are not the same as older organs, as far as i am aware. However, a small amount of key click did seem to be introduced, noticeable at higher volumes. Also, there was no detrimental effect on the sound by removing the capacitor that I could detect - no hiss, hum etc.

    I am still investigating, but if anyone has any more info or advice I would love to hear it.

    All the best!