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XK3c Hidden voices

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  • XK3c Hidden voices

    Can someone please tell me how to access the extra voices on my XK3c.

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    Here is the process. There is also another recent thread on this same topic with more information.

    How to turn on the extra voices
    and assign them the user

    Step 1 first hold down the three keys labeled
    Brake+Control and Tone.
    While holding down these three keys turn
    On the Xk3c when It starts you can release
    Step 2 Now press menu and then select menu item
    #4 by pressing the #4 button which is control.
    Step 3
    Then scroll up using the arrow keys to the page labeled “User” it’s the next to the last page now assign the extra voices to the user button by turning the control knob until it says extra voices now when you restart you will
    not have to press the three buttons again to activate
    the extra voices you can just press the user button
    to access them at any time now you can press play to exit the setup menu and your all done.
    Note: If you reset your XK3c you will need to do this
    again as the XK3c will be reset to its factory defaults.

    The XK-3c isn't named in the thread title, here is a link to it:
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      One more thing:

      After you hold the buttons and power on you will be able to scroll up through the menu to a new page F which has the selection of voices and other EV settings. If you set the Control button to call up that page you will be able to reach it from then on. If you don't, you will only be able to reach that menu page by doing the 3 button process.