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Bass Pedals for Hammond XK-3

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  • Bass Pedals for Hammond XK-3

    Hi, I really appreciate the help and info I get from the forums! Thanks for everyone that takes their time to help us newbies.
    I have a Hammond XK-3 and really enjoying it. It’s time to get some base pedals. I’d like the short ones that are just an octave. The ones I see are called “midi” pedals. Is there anything else I need to make them work with the keyboard.

    I was reading some other posts about midi pedals. Would there be a set of pedals for my xk-3 that isn’t midi? I just want to play the regular bass on the pedals.....feeling totally ignorant......🤷*♀️🤦🏼*♀️

    Any advice or info is very welcome.
    Thanks so much.
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    The Hammond pedals are shown here:

    The 13 pedal board I think is just a rebranded pedalboard (IIRC a Roland).

    The XPK-200L may have been discontinued.

    The 25 note full size pedals I think are available separately (not part of a System) and would connect to the XK-3.

    Any pedalboard you find will be MIDI and should connect easily to the XK-3. If you buy one, set your MIDI mode to Lower/Pedal and connect the pedals to MIDI In 1. That will make it plug and play and you won't have to deal with the MIDI channel it sends on.

    Good luck.