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Need a lot of help with a Hammond Commodore organ

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  • Need a lot of help with a Hammond Commodore organ

    I am one of the new guys on the block and this is my third post on here. I need all the help I can get regarding a Hammond Commodore organ. I bought the organ from the estate of a late doctor in Alabama and had a professional organ-moving company transport the organ from its' home to mine in Tennessee just three months ago.

    Looks, of course, mean nothing if the organ refuses to play. I know this was a 1-owner organ because when it arrived at my home, I found a virtual treasure trove of information about the organ, including the original 'sold' sticker that was placed on it when the organ was on the showroom floor of a Hammond Organ dealership. You could put the organ right back on the showroom floor because its' appearance is absolutely pristine. It does not look as if it has ever been played, and there is not a scratch, dent or anything anywhere on the organ. It's too bad the inside isn't as great as the outside!

    Last week, it suddenly stopped playing and nothing I did to it was able to make it start playing again. I felt very confident that since I live near Nashville, Tennessee, I would be able to find several factory-trained Hammond organ repairmen. Boy, was I mistaken! Each and every one I called said they either knew nothing at all about the organ, and some were honest and said they did not learn how to service the Commodore while they were in training. When I hard-pressed some of them they offered the very same advice some of you guys gave me when I first posted on here last week. If I could find someone that knows something about this organ I would bite the bullet and have them come repair it. I really like this organ and would love to keep it, but on the other hand, if it can't be repaired, then I have to start thinking in terms of finding another Hammond as my home practice organ .I would love to find one like the D series that has the 32-note pedalboard but I am not getting my hopes up. Guys, I really need as many of you as possible to tell me what I should do. I desperately need a practice organ for my home, so something has got to give. Does anyone know of a repairman that can and will service this organ? If not, can someone help me find a suitable organ? I just don't know what to do at this point, so I am counting on you super smart fellows to help me out. Thanks. You guys are the BEST.

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    I am not familiar about organ service in Tennessee but I’ve found these places below on line.

    There are several that indicate that they work on electronic organs in the list I've linked to above. They probably should be the best bet.

    You mention a interest in a 32 note pedal board as has the Hammond 820. This organ is from the same era as yours, so likely not a suitable choice if it can not be serviced in your area. A Kawai DX-1900 comes to mind as an alternative to the Commodore from the same era. Organ has drawbars and more orchestral voices than does the Commodore. Again, you might want avoid an organ that cannot be easily repaired where you are located.

    If you are looking for another Hammond choose a tonewheel model such as an A-100 series. This organ has built in speakers so you do not need a external tone cabinet to get sound out of it.

    With the choice of a tone wheel organ comes the assurance that the organ can be serviced by a shop in Nashville.

    Or looking better... another Nashville shop…. Direct link to a A-105 they have for sale
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      One of the most highly-regarded Hammond technicians in the South (or the entire U.S. for that matter) is Murph Wanca in Nashville.
      You should be aware that Commodores are considered to be very problematic.
      Good Luck !
      Roger Memphis
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