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Hmmond T-500 Rhythm III unit

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  • Hmmond T-500 Rhythm III unit

    I'm hoping to buy a T-500 next month. It has a Rhythm III unit however I can't find any information about how to use it. The T-Series Owner's Manual says nothing about it!

    Is there an alternative source of documentaton about the functions and how to use it?

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    The T500's 'Rhythm III' unit is a more advanced version of the older Rhythm II, unsurprisingly, and has a crisper sound, with a better balance, IMHO.

    Using it? Simple, select a rhythm, set the tempo and flick the big Silent/Sound button. Adjust volume as required. You can also set the rhythm to Touch Start. Much more useful as it starts only when you press a key or pedal. There should also be an option to stop the rhythm with a switch on the expression pedal, I think it's called Foot Switch Reset. At the left is the Auto Accompaniment switch. This will 'chop' the accompaniment in time with the rhythm. Holding a pedal will produce an alternating octave note, as it just switches between the Pedal 16' and Pedal 8' sound, again in time with the rhythm.

    Over at the right are four switches for play-along percussion. Bass Drum and Cymbal for the pedals and Snare Drum and Brush for the lower manual. These do what they say they will.

    And that's it! Note that if you're using the leslie (as 99%+) of users will, the rhythm sounds will spin along with the organ sounds. Not ideal, but you get used to it and in practice it's not an issue.

    Be aware that the lower manual sounds are routed through the auto-accompaniment board at all times, even though the function may be turned off. This board and the connections to and from it, can be problematical. You'll find some threads on the subject if you search.
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      The Ryhthm III with this R124 is mounted above the tabs panel under the music rack.The Ryhthm II on this L133 is under the right end of the lower manual on a sliding shelf.
      The 'above' one has easier ergonomics and more bandwidth.Bass drum a little deeper and cymbals/snare a bit brighter.Both boxes sound great and I'm not a 'beat box' fan per se.
      I actually prefer the 60's rock beat on the older one.Naturally the later one has disco.Always liked the Roland electric drums,and Hammond was wise to source them IMO.

      BTW Andy,there is a free Kawai 61/61/25 organ here on CL! You played the E550?
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