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Scope question

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  • Scope question

    Can I use an organ as a signal generator on this Tek 465B? Where would I input it? I have the manual and there are lots of videos on it's use and repair.

    Thanks in advance!
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    You need an oscilloscope probe, and they plug into the jacks on the left-hand side. This is a two-channel scope, so there are two input jacks. You can look for signals from the organ all over the place, from the tone generator terminals, the preamp, G - G terminals, line box drive, etc... The probe will have a ground wire and a test probe.

    I have this exact scope that was given to me. Problem is that it doesn't trigger properly, meaning it doesn't sense and lock onto an input signal like it should. Repair on these is possible, but not easy. I've been so busy fixing other stuff that I haven't had the time to dig into it. The only people around here who specialize in test equipment repair are so busy that they've told me they are not taking on new customers at all at this time. (I would guess they have contracts with university labs and high-tech companies.)

    When working properly, the scope should synchronize with the frequency of the input signal. If not, you have to tweak the controls until the waveform stabilizes.
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      I had a 465B where something in the vertical defection caused the PS to crowbar. Since I had several spare scopes, I gave it away. I've used the calibration output to signal trace cables, haven't tried to use it as a signal generator for amp TS. I have a PDF copy (48MB) of the manual. If you want it, send your email in a PM. May have the original hard copy - would have to look.



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        Thanks guys!

        Yes it has a probe with 10X and a ground clip.And the original manual.Some math and it's a useful signal tracer.
        Just did a run through on some more old homemade beasts.They work as well as my VTVM. Heathkit impedance bridge and Q meter.
        I still use my DMM for most things.

        It's all from a ham radio guy.
        Learning a lot,my 1949 Radio Engineers Handbook still has a solid outline of the knowledge required to build,operate,and diagnose issues with performance.
        Won't be fixing any TV's but the 465B bandpass is supposed to be useful with audio?

        Anyways,I will recap a tone generator as soon as I can get a chart up for Wes to plot and find the ideal curve for the '37. I will find that day somehow!
        Might be tricky though.Not sure what the resistance manual tapering was. Anyways,I'll dial in the correct values to do a good job.
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          I have one of those old Tek scopes too. I found it handy for recalibration of guitar pedals and circuits boards in organs that have been messed about with.
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