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Hammond T222-4 issues - parts needed

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  • Hammond T222-4 issues - parts needed

    I do have a Rythm 2 Organ Model T222-4
    I am trying to repair it myself. I do need to find the following capacitors : 80 MFd 25V 407-060289, 50 MFD 3V or the equivalents.
    Also for the following transistors C01 021110, 2111-1 7009,2113 3A, and 2113 3B or the equivalents.
    Power Transistors 466 012050 7023 or the equivalents.Can anybody please advise?

    Forgot to mention this is a Hammond Rythm 2. the pedals stop functioning after a lightning strike.


    Model number is T222, Johan. Rhythm II is just the model of the drum unit. Andy G - Moderator
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    Hi Johan,

    These days the closest to a 50uF is 47, which is close enough. If it's rated at 16 or 25V it'll be fine.

    To get 80uF you'll have to get a 47 and a 33uF and wire their legs together in parallel, these'll be easy to get at a 25V rating.

    If you have a local electronics store those will be stock components, otherwise look for somewhere online where the postage is acceptable to where you live.

    I have to look up what it says but there's an old archived manual which had the equivalents listed for the transistors.

    look for: "Hammond Solid State Component Cross-Reference (zipped gif)"

    Let me know if you can make sense from it, I can't remember what sort of guff is in it.
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