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T500 Need more oil?

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  • T500 Need more oil?

    My T-500 TG takes less than 10sec to spin down and I hear people on here saying it should take 18 20sec for the tonewheels to stop. Does the later models just spin down faster or do I have a problem? When I got it I don't think it had ever been oiled (I found the org tube of Hammond oil that they included with the organs inside unopened) so first when I got it I sprayed WD-40 in everything to clean the wicks etc then put a couple of drops of Hammond oil in after a few days.

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    Ten seconds is a normal rundown time for the self starting hammonds, they seem to have more internal friction than the older synchronous motors

    The tube of original hammond oil found inside the organ is far to old and may well cause the bearings to sqeak.

    I would use singer sewing machine oil it works fine, and give it plenty, especially if the organ hasn't been oiled for years, some people will insist on using only genuine hammond oil,but I've had no problems,with singer sewing machine oil.


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      I'd have flushed out the WD-40 with naptha or lighter fluid first, then given it the oiling. WD-40 evaporates and leaves a sticky residue.

      Turbine oil or Hammond Oil are fine for Hammonds, some use sewing machine oil. The subject has been done to death on here many times!

      FWIW, all my T's have spun down in less than 10 seconds. No problems with any of them - ever! If it's starting and running well with no squeaks, and you oil it once a year, it will be fine.
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        "sprayed WD-40"


        (I've seen clocks that have been "serviced" this way too!)

        I think the bottom line is that you can never have too much of the right oil. But sprayed WD-40 really is detrimental to gear teeth.