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Moving a C3 and Leslie (NYC)

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  • Moving a C3 and Leslie (NYC)

    Hi everyone- My first post, not to be my last. Finally joining the Hammond Family after many years of trying and false starts... I found a great deal on a C3, M3, and Leslie 122 from a church that needed them gone. Could not pass that opportunity up- but now comes the move! Everything s on second floor of church so there is a flight of stairs involved. I'm nervous about the C3 move in particular because of weight. I know to secure the tonewheel generators before they move. Other than that I am new to this. Any advice would be helpful- and I am looking for a good company or some experienced individuals to hire to help with the mission. Anyone near or afar with advice and recommendations- thanks in advance! Matt

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    Hi Matt -
    Congrats !!!
    Once you have the generators locked down, it's not rocket science. Just treat the organs and Leslie like fine pieces of furniture. Do you know how to remove the pedals from the C-3? Lift the organ-end straight up and them slide away from the organ. Those metal pushers are sharp; don't let them cut you! Ideally, they should all travel right-side-up. Do not turn the Leslie upside down. It's probably worthwhile to strap the lids on the benches closed, just to make handling easier. The pedals of the M-3 are not removable; try to protect their underside from any damage while moving... i.e. don't set them down on extremely uneven surfaces. Dollies are your friends !
    Good Luck and welcome to our world !
    Roger Memphis
    C-3 with O-M, 145, 122RV, 2 PR-40's, PSR-36
    CV with HR-40, 2 B-40's


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      Some tool rental places have Roll or Kari's they rent out. They usually call them piano dollies so ask for that as they make it much easier.