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Hammond C3 - No Sound

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  • Hammond C3 - No Sound

    Hi Guys,

    I have a C3 and B3 and called out a tehnician to attend to small noises coming from both lesley's a couple of weeks ago.

    Needless to say, the technician arrived, I had to go to work, and upon my return the B3 had a better sound, but the C3's sound was completely dead. I received an outrageous bill and gathered that the technician did not really know what he was doing.

    I suspect that the technician removed some of the C3 tubes to fix the B3.

    I have a technical background, but I am unfamiliar with the tubes that are supposed to be in my C3 lesley type 122.

    --- Attached two pictures, one of the C3 organ tubes and another of the lesley tubes.

    I will appreciate some direction, as I would like to get the C3 organ operational again ... not really sure where / how to start looking for the problem.
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    The 12AU7 tube in the Leslie is missing and cannot sound without it. You could move the neighboring 12AU7 (speed switching) over to the empty socket and see if it plays again.