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Hammond Dolphin series

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  • Hammond Dolphin series

    I was given a Hammond dolphin 9000 series organ.
    There is little sound coming out. Drums is there but low. Keys, you can here a very high pitch sound which is not loud either. But when you turn of and on the power, the sound comes out.
    Capacitor might be bad but I have to schematics to follow. Anyone have this issue and can point me in a direction?
    Thank you

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    First, do the usual LSI Hammond maintenance. Unplug, clean and reseat every internal connector in the organ. This is a cure for many ills, but not guaranteed to fix everything. Then check all the voltages coming out from the power supply. You could well have power supply issues so a full re-cap isn't out of the question.

    I wouldn't be so unkind as to say that it's not worth repairing but it's certainly not worth spending any real money on. You could buy an organ that's light years better for what this might cost to fix.
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      Thanks for the info. It has close ties to me, so I am trying to get this working because of the person who owned it. If it is the power unit, where could I possibly track one down? I know it sounds foolish to waist the money but, just one of those things I have to try.
      Thanks again for the info