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Oil Spill? What to expect.

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  • Oil Spill? What to expect.

    Well, I attempted to put TG oil directly into the oil trough on the B3. Everything went great except that the next day when I looked at it I noticed the thin copper cover on the trough that I didn't see when adding the oil, due to lousy lighting.
    My question is: Assuming the oil spilled below the trough at both ends, what might it have soaked, anything important? Better lighting next time.

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    Hi Tom -
    It will probably just be absorbed by the wood generator deck. Some will evaporate. Frankly, I wouldn't worry about it.
    Roger Memphis
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      Thanks, Roger. That's a relief. Maybe it'll just enhance the smell of the living room.


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        That's right. No use crying over spilled Hammond oil (except for the cost).

        I would think that Keith Emerson would have had oil spilled over everywhere during those acrobatics...and even those L's sounded terrific.

        And there definitely is a distinctive smell to a B3 when it has been on for a while!

        I didn't realize that I was missing that thin copper cover on mine. Thanks for the post. I learned something today.
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          OK tspoon the thin copper leaf on top of the threads trough really is not sealed so it is most likely that the oil has seeped into the thread bed just like you hoped for. Many times I have filled the trough from the ends as well as the funnels - just to be sure I get enough into the system and get the threads to pull it to the necessary places on the TWG. If it really did spill it will be on the plywood - no were else and the organ for a while will smell like it should , enjoy it lol
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