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Hammond T-212 just crapped out... any ideas?

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  • Hammond T-212 just crapped out... any ideas?

    I just picked up a free T212 that sounded pretty good for a day. I was playing it today and all of the sudden it just stopped making noise.... the sound just collapsed to a warbal like an old car trying to start on a dead battery with a sort of intermittent grindy noise. It's not tonewhhel squeal ( I have heard that) but just a low on/off warble. I am assuming the tonewheels have failed somehow. Any ideas on a fix. It looks like the metal frame on the motor side pumps in and out a tiny bit while it tries to run. Some notes ... I oiled it when I got it and the vibrato never seemed to work... The organ sounded pretty cool up until failure and I don't have any money in it other than the gas to get it but I'd really love to get it going instead of stealing the rotating speaker, alnico speakers and reverb tank and parting it out... Thanks in advance!

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    Motor, run cap? They'd be the first things to check.
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