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Wurlitzer Organ. Volume Issues

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  • Wurlitzer Organ. Volume Issues

    I am considering buying a Wurlitzer church sized organ and donating it to our church. They are asking $100 for it. But they tell me it does not play too loud anymore. But other than that it works fine.
    Does anyone have a clue how easy or hard it would be to repair this issue. Is it something I could fix easily or is it one I would have to expect to call in a repair man.

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    I hope Toodles replies to you and can help as Toodles was really helpful answering my questions about my 1960 Wurlitzer 4700A. Mine would be a bear to fix because too many electrolytic capacitors need replacing by now, if I understood correctly. I don't know what year the one you are buying is, but if you put Wurlitzer in the search bar you may see some other answers about other years including the 70's. The topic has come up just not very often. Good luck whatever you do! If your near Ohio or need parts I may have them, I think I may tear mine down and make it a bar.


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      It depends upon the model, but if it is possible to find something else, I recommend against buying a Wurlitzer for a church.

      The analog models are all old, and not specified in the way a classical organist would want. It is possible that a more evangelical/gospel church might find the sound satisfying, though. They are all old enough to expect to need significant repairs over time. The electronics, though, use commonly available parts. Mechanical parts, such as keys and stop tabs would be hard to find if ever needed.

      The digital models no longer have a manufacturer to support them, so if special parts are needed for repair you are out of luck. All digital organs use custom electronic parts in their manufacturer, so factory support for those parts is essential.

      If you can provide the model number of the specific organ I am sure there are members of the forum who can give you more detailed information.

      Also, if you indicate your general location (city, state/province, country) people here will help you find a suitable instrument. Information about your church's service style will help as well.