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Hammond Elegante making a hum from leslie side

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  • Hammond Elegante making a hum from leslie side

    I put my Hammond Elegante in storage for 9 months In Arizona when I started it up the other day the organ is making a hum or noise from leslie side. It still plays everything works fine it just this annoying noise and when I turn on my 2 Leslie 720's the noise or hum gets louder I know its the internal Leslie side of the organ I can hear it when i put my ear to the front right side of the Hammond. what could this be? a noisy transformer, cap I have the Hammond Elegante service manual please can any one help there are no Techs anymore here in arizona and as you all know It will be a fortune to have a tech come out to fix it. I can fix it myself I just need some direction I know this is an easy fix. please help:'( ALSO WHERE IS THE LESLIE PC BOARD IN THIS ORGAN?
    Thanks John

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    Amplifier connector issues can cause hum. Disconnect each connector one at a time and spray with contact cleaner, Scraping the connector pins with an Xacto knife is another alternative for cleaning pins.

    Re: the transformer, I’ve not had the back of my organ for many years. As I recall the power transformer is located on the left side of the organ.
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