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X77 frozen generator/motor

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  • X77 frozen generator/motor

    i'm trying to rescue a X77 and it looks like it has been sitting for many years without being used.
    I've dealt with this issue on older organs that have 2 motors but this one has only one motor and when i try to turn the the generator shaft it looks like it's stuck.
    What kind of tool is used to remove the screw that locks the shaft to the motor.
    I put oil both in the motor and generator and will repeat in a few days.
    I imagine that the x77L needs oiling as well besides oiling the motors and horn is there any other places to take care of ? mercotac ?
    Many Thanks

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    This page

    might be helpful to you - however, it does not address the (single) self-starting motor.

    I've had 2 X77s. They ended up as workbenches .... I used those superb cast aluminum legs. Everything else was just parted out.
    Best to all,

    Steve Leigh - ProKeys pages - STAX pages - 16 track 2" Analog studio


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      Thanks Steve good infos, i'll do my best not to make a workbench out of it though :)


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        Ok don't need to remove the motor anymore, it starts now but with the awful squeal so patience and oil will need to work for a couple more days.
        If you have any tips for the X77L it would be most welcomed


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          Generator run perfectly now extremely quiet. On to the real test to see how it sounds. I have to build a 12 pin cable. Just got the parts.


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            Some tone wheels were stuck but are now running thanks to the generous advice of members of this forum. I'm still dealing with dirty switches and some drawbars that don't work. Some drawbars were intermittent and got better with Deoxit but some don't work at all. On the service manual it says that the bussbar shifter is on the left corner above the generator motor but i found only 1 screw should there be 2 ? Working on this organ is fun and a little frustrating because problems appear and disappear on their own. I guess lots of bad contacts