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Please Identify this Hammond

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  • Please Identify this Hammond

    Hello All,
    Can anyone id this Hammond for me.
    Im thinking its a concorde.
    Sorry, for pic quality, its the only one the owner provided.
    Thanx in advance.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	00H0H_ke3aWyKuTG0_1200x900.jpg
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    It's the free organ in Westminster


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      Organ is a 2100 Series Concorde.
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        To be exact, it's an early model, the 2127 'High Line' version with the white fascia and the special bench.
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          Is it free with everything stacked on top? That lion seems very heavy-footed on top of the keys... Nice piece though.
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            Thanks everyone for the replies.
            My issue is transportation, I have a 2004 Honda odyssey Mini Van so not sure the concorde beast will fit in the odyssey. Probably weighs a ton too ! Ugh
            Well, Im gonna make some room in the garage anyway, take it step by step.


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              They are always prone to problems.
              I would burn it in big bonfire, or let it sit right where it is now.

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