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Split Tracks on Hammond sk1

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  • Split Tracks on Hammond sk1

    Hello! I want to split my keyboard. Half "Sweet Ballad", and the other half "Purple". Is this possible, or are the split sounds pre-programmed? I'm assuming it is, and probably very simple. Also once I accomplish this can I control the volume for each half separately? I've had my Hammond now for a couple months. It's great, and I'm excited to thoroughly understand the instrument. Unfortunately, I'm terrible with electronics.



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    You can split the keyboard and have organ on one side and an Extra Voice on the other. You can also have upper manual organ on one side and lower manual organ on the other. You can't have 2 Extra Voices at the same time. I think all of the patches have organ and an EV that can be turned on/off. You can select any other EV to replace the one already assigned.

    There are master volume and EV volume control knobs so you can set the master volume where you want the organ and then adjust the EV volume as desired. The Expression pedal IIRC can be set to control either or both sounds. Usually if it isn't controlling both it controls the organ. The initial volume of the EV when a Patch is called up can be saved as part of the patch.