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Tone Generator free on one side but stiff on the other.

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  • Tone Generator free on one side but stiff on the other.

    I recently acquired a '71 B3, it had sat unused and unoiled for several years so when I initially got it home the starter motor was bound up tight.
    After a couple days of oiling the starter motor feeed up and would engage and almost immediately stalled when the gear would engage. I've been oiling it faithfully and it has begun to free up somewhat though it still bogs down fairly quickly.
    Tonight as I was turning the generator shaft manually on the run motor side it came free but the start motor side remains sticky, I didn't hear any popping or snapping noises. Should I be worried?

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    I would just keep oiling and turning. If turning it on one end makes the other end move, everythings OK. I just recently had an A-100 that was REALLY stuck. Oiled it several times and kept turning it by hand. Eventually it would start with the start motor but not run. Then, it would start and run...but squeal. Now it runs smoothly. It just takes time.



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      Thanks for replying,I appreciate any and all information you can share with me.My concern is just that, I can spin the shaft on the Run motor side of the generator,but the Start motor side remains sticky. I'm hoping that I haven't got a broken spring coupling in the generator now. I'm going to add more oil today and try the hair dryer route I read on one of the other threads. Thanks again!