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A-100 Hammond - First two drawbars (Upper A#, 16' and 5 1/3) stuck at 7 and 6

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  • A-100 Hammond - First two drawbars (Upper A#, 16' and 5 1/3) stuck at 7 and 6

    Hello everyone! Glad to be a member of the Organ Forum. I would appreciate any guidance on this issue. I was attempting to resolder a wire back onto a drawbar in the Upper A# group: I was holding up the music desk/top of the organ to get easier access, when it slipped out of my hand and fell against the wires going into the left side of the drawbar assembly. The 16' and
    5 1/3 drawbars were pulled out at the time, and now they won't go back in. It appears that the drawbar buss was bent slightly, prev nting the contact from sliding underneath. It's hard to see in there until I open the assembly, but the other drawbars move OK. Any info or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks very much.
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    I think your answer will be obvious as soon as you take the assembly apart.
    Hard to tell from the pictures, but it looks like the buss bar has been bent. This will prevent the contacts from sliding accross the rows of buss bars.
    If it is not too badly bent, it can be straightened.
    It would be best to completely remove the buss bar and straighten it rather than try to straighten while it is clamped in the housing.
    Buss bars are clamped in place by all those metal bars that are in the center of those clear plastic pieces. Simply unscrew the metal bars and the buss bars will be free. Remember that only the one buss bar with the black wire goes the entire length of the DB...all the other buss bars only go to the middle.

    If you need suggestions on getting this back together, ask.

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      Thanks, Bob! Appreciate your help.