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Tried my T-524 in a mix, and it surprised me.

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  • Tried my T-524 in a mix, and it surprised me. This was with Garageband's Leslie simulator, as well. For some reason I couldn't get it to switch speeds during recording. So this is on the slow speed all the way through.
    Current Organs/Keyboards:1967 Hammond H-111, 1971 Hammond L-112, 1972 Hammond T-524

    Leslie cabinets: 1975 Leslie 825 & 1974-76 Leslie Model 705
    Past Organs/Keyboards: 1961 Hammond L-101, 1974 Kawai E-300, 1968 Yamaha B-55N, 1979 Yamaha Electone B-55N, 1984 Yamaha Electone ME-50 and a lot more!

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    Not bad at all there, Nate. Sounds from before your time that will be here after we're gone.
    -- I'm Lamar -- Allen TC-4 Classic -- 1899 Kimball, Rodgers W5000C, Conn 643, Hammond M3, L-102 - "Let no man belong to another who can belong to himself." (Alterius non sit qui suus esse potest​ -) ​Paracelsus


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      Have you tried the famous T-series mods?
      Google “Hammond T-Series modifications”, there’s plenty of information.
      T’s are very easy to turn into mini-B3’s - in my opinion a well-modified T can sound better than an M or an L.
      For silent recording and when my 122 is out for maintenance I run my modded T202 through Apple Logic’s Leslie sim which I think is probably identical to the Garage Band sim.
      In Logic it is possible to capture the Leslie speed changes whilst recording, but I usually keep it on slow because the fast speed sounds inauthentic and I don’t want to be messing around with a computer mouse whilst performing.
      I’ve obtained a passable sound by combining the Logic Leslie with a real Marshall stack, sort of a hybrid of Jon Lord’s main tones from two different periods of his career
      1971 T-202 with Carsten Meyer mods: Remove key click filters, single-trigger percussion, UM 16' drawbar volume correction. Lower Manual bass foldback.
      Korg CX3 (original 1980's analogue model).
      1967 Leslie 122 with custom inbuilt preamp on back panel for 1/4" line-level inputs, bass & treble controls. Horn diffusers intact.
      2009 Marshall 2061x HW Plexi head into Marshall 4x12 cabinet.

      1964 C3
      196x M-102
      197x X5
      197x Leslie 825