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safe to store my C3 in a hot garage

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  • safe to store my C3 in a hot garage

    i've made the move to Florida from Chicago and had to store one of my organs (C3) in the garage until we get a bigger place. You guys were helpful with suggestions on getting a humidifier to keep the moisture at a low level, which I did and it works very well. However, I'm concerned about the excessive heat in there, and its not even summer yet. With the door closed its getting between 95-100 degrees. Will this cause any damage? I have the Trek II pre amp in it but wondering about other components or the wood cabinet. Also have my PR 40 in there with it so I can play a couple of times a week for exercise not me.


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    Ambient temperatures in that range, particularly if there is no direct sunlight exposure, should not be a problem with finish or components.

    Sewing machine lubrication oil has a flash point of 169 degrees Centigrade, which I believe is over 330 degrees Fahrenheit. So, Hammond oil should be similar.

    Even foam (if your C3 is plagued with that), has fairly high melting points, well above your stated range.

    If you were storing this in hell, the temperature might get up there, but I have heard that all Hammonds and Floridians go to heaven.

    Since you will be playing regularly, you should be able to detect problems early, if any occur at all.

    Hope this makes sense.

    1955 B3, Leslie 21H and 147. Hammond A100 with weird Leslie 205. 1976 Rhodes. Wurlitzer 200A. Yamaha DX7/TX7. Korg M1. Yamaha C3 grand, 67 Tele blond neck, Les Paul Standard, PRS 24, Gibson classical electric, Breedlove acoustic electric, Strat, P Bass, Rogers drum kit, Roland TD 12 digital drums, Apollo quad, older blackfaced Fender Twin, other amps, mics and bits and pieces cluttering up the "studio."


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      Thanks Dave, appreciate the info w/ a humorous twist. Pretty hot here but not like Hell and I don't have foam since its a 1958. Not in the sun either and I keep the humidity low so I should be ok. I fire it up a couple of times a week to exercise it until we move to a bigger house and I can get it inside.

      thanks again!