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Refinishing thoughts on leslie 147

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  • Refinishing thoughts on leslie 147

    Just bought a 147. Killer sound but cosmetically rough. Missing all lower moulding trim. some deep scratches especially on the sides. I've got access to refinishing stuff and I'm wondering if it is worthwhile to try and to bring this back to being cosmetically pretty or just live with it and paint it flat black, keep it ugly or strip it down to get rid of the gouges and then refinish . With most of the leslies in the past i have used MINWAX tung oil. I love it because if you damage it you can just put more tung oil on. Thoughts on the most effective way to heal wounds of the past appreciated

    I'll post some pics soon but would love to hear from folks that have brought rough looking leslies back to some degree of pretty.

    TIA as always


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    Just one note on Leslie finish:

    Both Hammond Organs and Leslie speakers were sprayed with tinted lacquer at the factory to achieve an even, consistent finish. Otherwise, it's up to you in terms of which finish you prefer. You can get replacement moulding from Valhalla Woodworking.
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      Dismantle it, strip it bare, repair all the boo-boos, and DIY with a roller and DuraTex ( ). I love the look and feel of the texture.


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        Check out the thread "Happy DAys" Just get through the first one or two pages and then flip to page 11 for the results

        This is a 147 with battle wounds - and with not much work the result with clear stain and lacquer. You be the judge its your leslie. Finish it the way you want to.
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