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Hello and question!!!

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  • Hello and question!!!

    My name is Krist and I have recently been gifted a Hammond C100. It sat in a nice, climate controlled room in The Dalles Oregon unused for many years.

    I have obtained the correct Hammond Oil and applied it to the two funnels on the tone generator. Each funnel was filled twice then let sit for a week. Applied the cup on the motor with the same oil.

    Can someone point me to an existing thread, or answer this question regarding a problem?

    Problem: Tone generator shaft spins but after a turn or two gets tighter to the point where I am scared to turn anymore. I seems like it wants to stop. Then when when I let go, it springs back to where it started. Does this on both right and left hand turns.


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    Hi Krist, and welcome to the forum.

    First, I've not heard of a C100, and it's not shown on any of the records I have. A100, D100, E100, H100, T100, R100 yes. C, CV, C2 and C3, yes. But not C100. We need to know just what you've got. Maybe a photo would help?

    Second. Patience! A week is probably not going to be long enough for the oil to get down dried out wicks and onto dried out wheels. And one oiling probably won't suffice.

    Now there are are dozens, possibly hundreds of threads on oiling long-unused Hammonds. A search for 'oiling' will bring up some that may have some good advice, and at the bottom of each thread there's a box called 'Similar Threads', which will show you yet more.

    And I'm sure some of the usual tonewheel crowd will be here to give more assistance soon! :)
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      I do not know what a C100 is, I am unfamiliar with that designation.
      There should be a model/serial plate somewhere in the back, usually on the right side as you are looking from the back. If it is a C model, you will need to take the back off. I am curious what this is.

      There are one or more bearings stuck in the tone generator. The main shaft has several spring couplings, so that is why it turns a little and springs back.

      DO NOT FORCE IT TO may break one of the spring couplings and these are VERY difficult to replace!

      It may take several weeks for the oil to make it's way to the bearings. I would fill the funnels a couple more times.
      Do not put any more oil in the cup on the motor; it is probably overfilled as it is.

      If that fails, some have had luck in pouring some lighter fluid (naptha) in the cups in order to dissolve any deposits and make the oil flow if you are in a hurry.
      Try a search on this site or just an internet search on stuck Hammond tone generators and you will find lots of information.

      Look at this video that shows the insides of a tone generator so you can better understand what you are dealing with.

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        My apologies. It is an A100. Shows you my limited knowledge!!


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          Thanks again Bob,

          Will not oil the motor anymore. Will fill each funnel again and wait a week or two. Will let you know how it goes either way.



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            Let us know how it goes.


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              You got the ultimate gift. You have a B3 with built-in speakers and reverb. You can't go wrong with these. They are easier to move than the B cabinets, and are super low maintenance once the basic servicing of the preamp and amps is taken care of.

              Patience will pay off here. You can't over-oil the two funnels on the bass side of the organ. The generator will just drip it off. Put newspaper underneath the generator to soak up the excess.