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  • Line IN to Hammond L100

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    Does your L have the RCA phono plug on the expression pedal housing? I know the M series has them and they are meant for a line in, I don't see why that wouldn't work on your L if it has it.
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        I think what could be happening here is that when you connect your rhythm box with the simple "Y" adapter the rhythm box is in effect shorting the organ tones to ground. The 'white' jack is part of a "high" impedance circuit and I'm guessing that your box has a relatively "low" impedance output. I'll bet you hear the drum sounds fine but the organ sounds very low or not at all. Something to try is converting your rhythm box to a higher impedance source by splicing a 100,000 ohm resistor into the center conductor of the shielded cable from the box before it goes into the Y adapter. (or hack into the Y adapter cable itself) If you can now hear both sounds, you have fixed it or at least moved in the right direction. You may need to try different resistor values to find what works best.
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          I did that with my L100 but having trouble remembering just how I did that . I think the slitter allows for a separate source .but interferes with the original source one or the other but not both? Even though it says you need your own volume control because the volume controls for the organ do not effect the input of the new.

          I mounted my beat box on the left side by removing the block. then I supplied power ac to it from the organ by splitting it off the main power supply. Then I ran the out put I think to the peddle filter on the back wall and a good ground for the other side - using the TWG generator ground. Basically Hot wired the signal into the system - I don't think I had to put resisters in place but be prepared This worked like a charm. My L100 is under the steps right now so I can't get to it
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              Use a small mixer to combine the signals into the WH terminal. Problem solved.
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