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How to Tell if Hammond Oil is Old?

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  • How to Tell if Hammond Oil is Old?

    Hey guys,
    Just a quick one. Is there any real way to tell is a bottle of Hammond oil is too old to use? I was always told not to use old oil because it can gum up the organ. My C3 came with 2 bottles. They look just like the ones sold now- Hammond Suzuki part # 015-025581-4.

    I think they've been selling them like this for a while though, right? So what say you? How do I tell if this stuff is still good? I hate to throw away $40 worth of oil, but at the same time I hate to gum up the organ if this stuff is too old.


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    without a chem analysis of good oil by old oil might be difficult to tell.
    I would try this.

    take an eye dropper and fill with New oil then Old oil and add one reasonable sized drop onto a sheet of glass each side by side (or any none absorbent surface, at the same distance from the edge . Mark a line 6" from the drops. on the down slope side . Raise and hold the glass at a 75 degree angle so the equal sized drops run towards the line. If they get there at the same time you have equal viscosity and internal lub values - should be just fine .....If the old one is always slow (best 2 out of 3 ) or super fast throw it away. or use it on the sewing machine. Not the Hammond.

    My two cents
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