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pedal note "stuck" on

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  • pedal note "stuck" on

    I've got a Hammond BC, factory converted to a BCV, connected to a Leslie 32H Series 3. I've only recently gotten it moved to my new location, after it sat idle for 20-25 years, and have gotten it "mostly" working. (There was another thread that detailed that process... stuck tone generators and such.)

    Now that I have the two keyboards and all tone generators working, I find I have a problem with at least one of the pedals. When the pedal drawbars are pulled out at all, there is a constant bass tone playing. I haven't isolated it to one pedal, but it sounds like it is the lower D or E on the pedals.

    Before I "pushed" the pedal assembly into the console base, I noticed that while most of the connector metallic strips were very straight, some on the lower octave appeared a bit rounded (think of the very top of a hilltop); is the likely fix to my "stuck" note as simple as pulling th e pedal assembly out, bending all those connects "straight" and reinserting it, or is there something else I should be doing?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    Probably. Pull the pedalboard out and see if your note is still stuck without the pedalboard connected. If not, then you're most likely correct.


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      You _might_ have another type of problem; but if the tabs on some pedals were visibly bent then that's the most probable cause, for sure.
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        I had a similar issue and in checking those tabs one was bent down (like yours) so that it was always sending the note whether the pedal was up or down. Be careful not to break the metal tab when straightening it out.
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          Thanks to KC9UDX for the diagnostic suggestion, and to enor and delaware dave - the upper D# pedal was the troublemaker, and, fortunately, I was able to bend it slightly upwards by grabbing the much more sturdy metal base, rather than the clip.

          Problem solved - and now I have a fully functioning Hammond BCV! (I always thought it was a C-3.... but that's what happens when you don't read the papers stapled to the inside.)

          Now I just have to figure out how to make up for not playing for 30ish years.... my poor dogs are going to be tortured by some horrid Deep Purple wannabe organ-playing!

          Thanks again to you all!