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Hammond sx2000

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  • Hammond sx2000

    can anyone help me with this:
    Concerning a hammond sx2000 that will not start up.
    There is only a bar visible on the display, the lesley is running but the organ does not start up.
    I have a technical background so I measured the several tensions coming from the power supply and they are in tolerance.
    I must say that the organ did not run for several years so I had to change the two back up condensators (5.5 V 1F)
    I checked all the connectors and re installed them. I think that this is something about lost of memory? Or should the organ have to start anyway?
    Some tips please?

    Thanks in advance!

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    No one who has experience with this organ? :-(


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      You've verified that the power supply is OK and that all voltages are OK. Have you checked all the electrolytic capacitors on the power supply board to see if they're OK?

      Have you done the usual 'routine maintenance', of unplugging, cleaning and reseating all the internal connectors?

      Have you checked all the boards to see if any electrolytic capacitors may have leaked and destroyed any tracks on the boards?

      If you have a main board failure, that's going to be terminal. You have a 'boat anchor'.

      Let's hope that it's something that can be fixed.
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        You could try connecting an external keyboard or sound source see if that works through the organ, that will tell you the amp is working and getting power ok from power supply.