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Disassembling T200

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  • Disassembling T200

    Hello everyone
    I have an opportunity to acquire a T200 for free. It's in reasonable nick, needs some work but nothing major. Trouble is collecting it when it weighs in at 110kg, and getting it upstairs back home. I'm thinking I could take some major parts out, such as the Leslie and the main speakers, to reduce the weight of the main cabinet and make it manageable, pack them separately and reassemble back home. Anybody have experience of this? What are the easy heavy bits to remove?

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    The heaviest parts are the cabinet itself and the tonewheel generator. You can't do anything about either of those two. Removing the leslie and speakers is easy enough - just unscrew them - but to be honest it's not worth the effort. Just make sure you have enough muscle power and be careful. Three people should be more than enough, though my father and I shifted my T500 up and down stairs and steps many times. I'm not the biggest of guys and he was in his late 60s when he started as my 'roadie'! So it can be done!
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      Originally posted by andyg View Post
      The heaviest parts are the cabinet itself and the tonewheel generator.
      Actually, the manual assemblies are even heavier than the generator.
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