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Hammond Organ production data

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  • Hammond Organ production data

    While lurking around online, I found this link:

    This describes the contents of a very large amount of material that currently is located at the Chicago History Museum.

    Especially interesting is the following:

    <<boxes 31-43: Summary: Record of organs made, packed, and shipped, 1942-1979.>>

    Does anyone know if this material can be accessed and if it might be restricted in any way?

    Surely this information is no longer proprietary, and surely would make for a really nifty and useful resource if it were online.


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    Didn't know this info existed

    After looking at the items listed in the link...It definitely would be interesting to see in person
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      There is a lot of information at the history museum. It would take someone quite some time to go thru it all and they would need to be a person that knows what they are looking at and be able to describe what they found. I recently moved from Chicago and thought I might go and take a look next time I'm in town but the scope of the information is beyond me. Looking at the list, you would need someone that is experienced in looking thru old records and archives.
      sure would be nice if somdone did this.


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        It looks like you can submit a request for copies, in re research.

        I'm interested in, what I assume, is box 32 1965-1969. Each volume was a separate model, and could help parse out when some E100 series organs were made (in terms of coloring, and slightly different parts)
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