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Hammond123J3. all Es and Bs gone silent ?

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  • Hammond123J3. all Es and Bs gone silent ?

    Hi ,Im a newbie'AnimalJack'. I have a 70s Hammond 123J3 (it actually has j4 underneath -but the photo of the 123j3 is identical so....). ..and there is a similar Q/A on here from 10 years ago and my problem is exactly the same .
    Everything else is working fine but all the Es and Bs have gone off Im thinking that this could be a 'thing' with this model? and hoping someone may have some advise on repairing it.
    (I realise that these organs are not the best ....but I like mine and it seems a shame to skip it- when everything else is working so well . Any help/advise would be great -Thanks in advance.

    (in the meantime if you want to see some of the stuff we do , check out ' The Animal Jack Band' ont 'tinternet. There's a funny one about Lambrettas and another about the,True, secret building of the Mil'Falcon in Pembroke Dock in 1978 for any StarWars fans out there )